Detown is also a social gaming app that connects you to new friends and adventures. Where players can make friends, message one another, and become members of the community. Each player can build their own personal profile to share their passions or interests.


In the game, each player has a profile that includes their name, avatar, and introduction. Each avatar is an NFT which was composed of random traits that made it unique. You can also view the profiles of other players.


Play with your friends or meet new people. You can pay a visit to their farm, talk with them, offer advice, and assist them in completing tasks.

Farm co-op

A farm co-op is a group of players. You can either join an existing co-op or, if you are an avatar owner, you can create a co-op and invite people to it. Each co-op can have a maximum of 30 members.
The farm co-op will have some monthly tasks that each member can participate to complete, and they will be rewarded based on their contribution. The greater the rank of the monthly task, the greater the reward.