βœ… Detown Cows collection: Launch the Detown Cows collection. List the collection on major marketplaces after release.
βœ… Cultivation: Players can grow NFT Crops, complete daily tasks, and earn money. NFT Crops can be traded on third-party marketplaces.
πŸ”² IDOs and Listing: Issue $DTN token. List the token on exchanges,...
πŸ”² In-game Marketplace: Release in-game Marketplace with UI/UX tailored for in-game NFTs. Players can trade NFTs using $DTN in this marketplace.
πŸ”² Social network: Players can create a profile and use Detown Cow as their avatar. Make friends, chat, and help them complete daily tasks.
πŸ”² Ranching: Adds more activities to the game: ranching, fish farming,...
πŸ”² Farm co-op: Detown Cow holders can create farm co-op for players to join. Farm co-op will utilize all in-game activities for special events. Players can chat, help others in a co-op to complete special events, and more.
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